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Preset Rolled Ice Cream Menu - $6.49


Dream Date

Our most popular choice, a great balance of chocolate and fruit for your perfect date night!


PB Crunch

A favorite for kids and kids at heart. Chocolate with lots of candy!


Rocky Mountain

A chocolate lovers dream! Chocolate for days with whip cream on top!



A fruit filled paradise complete with whipped cream on top!



A fruity medley of our berries with gummy bears on top!


Pine Con Kiwi

Pineapple and Kiwi a perfect combination!


Irish Coffee

A coffee themed treat with a hint of nuts and mint!

Build Your Own Rolled Ice Cream Menu - $6.49

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Choose Your Base

Select the perfect flavor for your ice cream

Pick Mix Ins
Choose from 10+ fresh fruit and candies to mix in to your ice cream

Add Toppings
Finish your ice cream with a classic cherry on top, wafer stick or any of our other 20+ options


Watch as we expertly roll out your ice cream and then enjoy the rich and satisfying flavors!

Signature Galaxy Drinks - $5.99

Galaxy Updated.jpg

A delicious drink with a perfect balance of fruity flavor and sweet! Featuring two layers that provide a stunning look and awesome taste. Add boba or rainbow jelly to make it complete!

Boba Tea - $5.99

Boba Tea Updated.jpg

A rich and creamy tea drink with soft and yummy tapioca pearls! Try one of our 15+ flavors including classic favorites such as Thai and Strawberry or a more exotic flavor such as Taro and Papaya

Smoothies - $5.99


A classic smoothie. Always a very tasty refreshing beverage with 15+ flavors. Non-Dairy almond milk option also available

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